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Slate roofs

Roofs and decks are undoubtedly the most common uses of the Board under construction. Matacouta Slate is a natural , attractive and unique product , offering unsurpassed water resistance and durability .

Interior and front

The slate facades is booming . Many architects and designers are using it to make their unique and original buildings . The time away from damaging it , enhance their natural appearance.

Custom finishes

In section products can see measures and common formats , but Matacouta our machinery allows custom parts tailored to the needs of his work.

Post-sales service

In Matacouta advise on the use of the Board , placement and treatment for your natural look look at its best , because who knows who chooses Board chooses a product of the highest quality

Private sale

We can serve individuals or small businesses. Our service and product suits the needs of your work, because despite being more than 130 workers , we remain a family business.

Large companies

Being a company that extracts and prepares the Board since its inception, allows us to be very competitive. Our service and logistics make Matacouta ideal for companies or developers allylated.


The area of the tile has been the first to obtain the environmental product declaration nationwide. Matacouta certifies products in European centers according to the regulations in force in each country.

International Logistics

From the beginning , we produce and sell directly to any country , with quality services and ensuring full traceability , so that your order is just in time.

We offer the best service in the industry

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Looking for the best results

Each stone Matacouta simply gets superb finishes . The best solution for roofs and facades.



Architects and designers works in Matacouta have a partner who does not fail them . Our goal is to optimize your project.


With guarantees of quality labels

The board and the only natural process Matacouta , are backed by the most stringent quality and environmental seals.


We believe in what we do

We live in the mountains and work in the mountains and we respect the environment , we value every stone, to approach a piece of nature.