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Looking for best results

Each stone Matacouta simply gets superb finishes . The best solution for roofs and facades.



Architects and designers works in Matacouta have a partner who does not fail them . Our goal is to optimize your project.


With guarantees of quality labels

The board and the only natural process Matacouta , are backed by the most stringent quality and environmental seals.


We believe in what we do

We live in the mountains and work in the mountains and we respect the environment , we value every stone, to approach a piece of nature.

What's new

Quality french seal

Certification of quality demanding France NF22803/01/01-01i enables us to market in this country with the best guarantees.

Mount St. Michael

MATACOUTA has worked on the restoration of Mont Saint -Michel , the busiest tourist site of Normandy and one of the first in France.

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We believein sustainability!
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