Base products

The passage of time and experience with our clients tell us that the Board Matacouta is unique and valued and is considered among the best in the market.

Its main features are:

  • FINE GRAIN – stones
  • Highly resistant to FLEX
  • Easily cuttable

With these common characteristics , we can find three qualities designed to meet the specific need of its construction : EXCLUSIVE – GOTHIC – NATURAL


Natural slate, surround yourself with nature!

Another way of understanding the nature

No doubt we are facing one of the best slates the world.
The unique quality of our raw material , together with the constant improvement of facilities for the production , and strict monitoring of the selection and quality , we can guarantee you make the most life from natural slate.

The Board of MATACOUTA remains unchanged over time without losing its waterproof properties , cold insulation and heat resistance , durability ... If all unite its diversification into shapes and sizes , we can make sure you are at the best possible option.